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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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Rob's picture

I can’t thank enough for these team of lawyers who made everything possible for my case.Grinberg and Segal law firm in my own experienced is a rewarding choice that I did in my entire life.They are God’s given blessings for me and to my family and they make my life whole again.I would like to Thank Atty. Melsida Asatrian who worked on my case from beginning up to End and the main reason to give me confidenced on my Final interview and the approval of my Immgrant Visa.Nothing is impossible for these Angels if you need a helping hand.Hire The trusted Lawyer that you can lean on..Hire Grinberg and Segal with no hesitation and Doubts..I Highly Recommend them to Everyone who needs help on their Immigration Case (originally posted in AVVO on this day).
Marc Boonwong-Glapinski's picture

Smooth process from start to finish. I hired Wendy to assist with my marriage based green card application. Throughout the process she was honest, trustworthy, and professional. My case was straightforward, but I can tell that she has a lot of experience as an immigration attorney and has worked on many types of cases. Whenever I had a question, Wendy would respond immediately. For the peace of mind of having an experienced professional guide me and my husband through this process, the fee was money well spent. No regrets, I would hire Grinberg & Segal again. Thank you, Wendy!
Andrii Marusii's picture

Спасибо Eliza Grinberg! Моя семья и я очень благодарны за поддержку нас и в первое время и на протяжении тех лет, которые мы ждали интервью. Многие говорят, что можно подать кейс без адвоката и сэкономишь деньги, мол, что адвокаты там не нужны, что можно сделать все самому и т.д. Да, наверное, можно. Но я могу сказать, что адвокат - это очень важный человек! Особенно важно заключительное слово адвоката. Тебе кажется, что ты уже все сказал и сил уже больше нет, и все, что ты говорил на протяжении нескольких часов, адвокат в нескольких предложениях подводит итог всему сказанному. При выборе из многих адвокатов я остановился на Eliza из-за того, что мы при первой встрече говорили более двух часов о моем деле, а не о оплате услуг, как это было на консультациях с другими. Eliza Grinberg - профессионал своего дела и не было ни разу, чтобы она или работники офиса не ответили на какой-то наш вопрос, даже не связанный с иммиграцией. Вы не остаетесь один на один со своими проблемами и вопросами. Так сложилось, что мы переехали из Нью-Йорка в Калифорнию, и интервью проходили в Сан-Франциско. Не смотря на расстояние, она нашла время, прилетела и три дня посвятила нашему делу, за что мы ей особенно благодарны!
Jennifer's picture

Best decision I made was walking into Alexander’s office when I was facing deportation. As an immigrant to this country trying to make something of myself nothing was more scarier than the notion that I would be taken away from my family and sent back. It’s because of him that I am currently a green card holder and the owner of a very successful business, he was by my side every step of the way, kept me informed and updated, any concern that I had he was there with a comforting answer that wasn't sugarcoated, he was real and on top of everything (originally posted in AVVO on this day).
Artem Sharamet's picture

Alexander did a great job taking care of me as a client for the seven years we worked together. I had been to his office many times over that span and each visit Alexander and his team spent as much time as was needed with me and always made sure to answer all my questions in a professional and easily understandable way. I had never previously been to court, but the help and support from Alexander and his team made it easier and less stressful than I thought it would be. In the end, Alexander's professionalism and knowledge helped me towards a successful resolution in my court case. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration attorney.
Ilia Mesen's picture

I have been a client of Alexander J. Segal for many years now. He is a good and reliable immigration lawyer. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. He is also honest to the point of being blunt, which is great when you are facing difficult decisions and need complete and accurate information to make them. It is in those situations that you realize how important those qualities are. It is when you need guidance, advice and competent representation that you begin to appreciate how important the lawyer. you had chosen is. I would recommend Attorney Segal to just about any person in need of a good immigration lawyer for consulting or to hire
RedSoxD Redsoxd's picture

I have been a permanent resident since the age of 3. In March 2017, I found myself in deportation proceedings for a crime committed 14 years ago; which I did probation for and no jail time. Yet I was separated from my family. After letting go my first attorney, Wendy Barlow was the second lawyer I hired to deal with my removal proceedings, and to get me out of detention. When all hope seemed lost...Wendy was able to get me out and back with my wife and one year-old son. Unlike other attorneys, Wendy always took the time to explain everything in a way I could understand and was always straight forward without talking down. Thank you, Wendy!
Alexey Alexey's picture

I am writing this review to express my sincere gratitude to Alexander Segal and his professional team: Wendy Barlow, Ricardo, etc. Around three years ago I was referred to the law office of Alexander Segal by my friend. It was the best idea to hire him as my attorney in my complicated political asylum case. From the first initial consultation, during the whole working and preparation process he proved himself as a professional, knowledgeable, experienced, detailed oriented immigration attorney that you can trust to and rely on. Anytime I had a question or doubt I could ask him and he always found time to respond me back and give the best advice during the meetings. He was easy reached by Skype, phone or email too. Alexander Segal is straightforward and does not ’babysit’ you. He took my case seriously. At the beginning I felt a little bit overwhelmed but later I used to his pace because I understood that it was his own manner to help and prepare me to the interview. During your meetings you have to listen to him carefully and answer his questions precisely. He assists you in preparation to the interview but you have to put your part and be responsible and truthful. Along with Alexander Segal I would also like to thank other professional and knowledgeable attorney Wendy Barlow who closely worked with me in preparation to my interview and assisted the interview in Lyndhurst, NJ. She made a considerable and valuable contribution in overall success of my case. Three years ago I believed in smart and intelligent Alexander Segal and his reliable team and they delivered. Together we achieved our goal. Last February I was granted political asylum from the interview after being in this country for more than twelve years. I greatly appreciate your assistance in achieving my dream. I sincerely recommend Alexander Segal to anybody who is seeking political asylum or trying to resolve any immigration matter. I know that all cases are different but I can assure you that it does not matter how difficult and complicated your case is, Alexander Segal and will try to do his best to win it or give the best advice in resolving your immigration matter.
Ro ma's picture

Alexander Segal is the best choice if you're looking for attorney whom you can trust. He helped me to resolve my complicated immigration matter that I brought to him from different lawyer's office. His office was very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and responsible from the first time I called and during the whole working process. Alex answered all my questions and concerns. He is real professional and knows what he's doing. So just trust him and do everything that he recommends, and in the end you'll get the results. Also he is one those attorneys who always responds back to emails and calls, and have time for his clients - it was really important for me. Thank you very much for making my dream come true!)
Kanstantsin Kazadoi's picture

I am using this opportunity to show my appreciation to Alexander Segal and his professional team ( Wendy, Eliza, Ricardo, Tatyana and many others) on successful completion of my WAWA case . My trip to becoming a permanent resident took more than 4.5 years and Alexander was my second attorney that took over my complicated case. I was completely depressed before seeing Mr. Segal for the first time, but person who referred me to his office told me that he is one of the most competent lawyers in Immigration field so I gave it another try. With a bunch of paperwork and "emerging hope" we started fixing a lot of mistakes and clearing up the complications, I had to go through a psychologist also ( wanted to say another "thank you" to Alex for referring me to Alla). To cut a long story short, there is no way I could come up with a better case without having a professional attorney on my side. Having been in the US for about 6 years I ve learn't that getting the job done needs proper funding, especially when you deal with your future. For those people who like to "shop around" for the best price - cheaper doesn't mean better and I ve learnt my lesson. I am giving Alexander J. Segal 5 stars, because he gave me hope and because he has a professional team of attorneys and paralegals working with him. Thank you!