Online Consultation

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The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, PLLC, offers immigration consultations with top New York City immigration attorneys. You may schedule an online immigration lawyer consultation or an immigration lawyer consultation over the phone. For a very reasonable fee of only $160 for a 45-minute immigration lawyer consultation, our experienced immigration lawyers will provide an initial consultation of a general nature. We also offer free 15-minute immigration consultations for asylum-seekers. For a consultation, please use the form below

We offer an opportunity to have a consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys in-person, or using Skype, or over the phone. With a few exceptions, we offer 15 min free consultation for asylum seekers, in other cases — fee is $160 per 45 min.This time is usually sufficient for an initial consultation of a general nature. Please note that we do not offer free consultations in work visa related cases including but not limited to H1B, TN and L1 visas, as well as all derivative issues. We also do not provide second opinions on a fifteen minute free basis. We consider that any such consultation cannot be reasonably offered within a fifteen-minutes time slot, even if only general information is sought. Since a more particular and fact-specific consultation is required in such cases, or may be desired in others, a longer time would be needed for an immigration attorney to analyze the facts. Therefore, a one hundred and sixty dollars ($160) fee will be charged, which must be paid prior to the immigration consultation. The fee covers up to one hour of immigration consultation with an experienced immigration and/or deportation attorney. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover. A payment can be made on our secure payment portal on the Make A Payment page. To request a consultation, please fill out the form below. Kindly, enter all of the information requested. Please, do not skip any of the required fields, which are marked with an “*” sign. We are bound by law to preserve complete confidentiality of your information. Thus, your information is not shared with any third parties. However, this information is needed to an immigration attorney in order to provide a desired immigration consultation. Please enter correct and accurate information in the form below and click the “submit” button to request a immigration consultation. Once we receive your request, we will contact you via phone, Skype or email to schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys in the manner most preferred by you. Please note, that it usually takes up to 48 hours for us to contact you to schedule a immigration consultation. Please do not use this form if you would like to ask a question online. In such a case, please use Ask A Question form in the same drop-down menu. If you would like to obtain a paid legal consultation on your particular immigration issue of a more detailed and fact-specific nature, please indicate as much in your original message to us, requesting an immigration consultation. For potential refuges, asylum seekers and pro bono clients we also offer 15 minutes of free immigration consultation, upon expiration of which you will be given an option of wrapping the consultation up or paying for additional immigration consultation time desired.