EOIR Announces 25 New IJs in March 2022

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On March 25, 2022, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the investiture of 25 new Immigration Judges. You will find the full list here. Below, we will list the new Immigration Judges and the courts upon which they will sit for your convenience.

New IJ

Immigration Court


Law School

Amaya, Roberto K.

Santa Ana

Private practice

U.C. Hastings College of the Law (01)

Bohrer, Matthew S.


State prosecutor, Private Practice

University of Pennsylvania Law School (07)

Bonet, Illya-Karina J.


Private practice (inc. immigration)

University of Puerto Rico School of Law (03)

Carreas-Amadeo, Monique

Fort Worth Immigration Adjudication Center

Private Practice (immigration)

Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law (07)

Cubas, Claudia R.


Immigration advocacy and law

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (08)

Dandelet, Kyle A.

Federal Plaza

Immigration attorney

Harvard Law School (10)

Gansalla, Ayodele A.


Immigration attorney in UK and USA

Temple University Beasley School of Law (98)

Gaul, Annette

Santa Ana

Immigration attorney

George Mason Law School (94)

Gharsi, Iman

Santa Ana

NYC ALJ, local prosecutor, private practice

University of Miami School of Law (04)

Gordon, Matthew D.


ICE attorney, California DOL (immigration)

University of Miami School of Law (06)

Jefferson-Webb, Lettricea L.

San Francisco

AUSA, local prosecutor

University of Kentucky College of Law (97)

Kahan, Michelle C.


Judge (court of common pleas), private practice

Delaware Law School of Widener University (86)

London, Chelsea E.


NYC ALJ, private practice

Albany Law School (00)

Masters, Bobbie C.


ICE attorney, private practice

University of Montana Law School (03)

Noche, Joyce L.

Santa Ana

USCIS attorney, immigration defense at various orgs

University of California at Davis School of Law (99)

Norregard, Agnieszka Dolinska

Santa Ana

Private practice

Brigham Young University, J. Reubin Clark Law School (01)

Pardon, Kristie-Anne


Private practice, Catholic Legal Services

Boston University School of Law (11)

Ramos, Maritza S.

Houston — South Street

County magistrate judge, private practice

St. Thomas University College of Law (01)

Reis, Christine Lluis


Private practice for legal defense orgs

St. Thomas University College of Law (98)

Rey Caldas, Carmen Maria


Private practice for immigration defense and advocacy orgs

Brooklyn Law School (06)

Rubenstein, John S.


ICE attorney, USCIS attorney

Georgetown University Law Center (05)

Schultz, Evan P.


DOJ (immigration), Senate aide, 11th Circuit law clerk

University of Virginia School of Law (95)

Snavley, Luther M.


Private practice

Notre Dame Law School (94)

Winfield, Jennifer A.

Santa Ana

State attorney in CA, Federal prosecutor

Indiana University — Indianapolis School of Law (01)

Wyrosdick, Laura R.


Public defender, state prosecutor

Nova University (89)

EOIR Announces 25 New IJs in March 2022