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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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That prior results do not guarantee similar outcome as every case exists in a specific set of circumstances and, hence, is unique.


Maryna Tsykunova's picture

Eliza is very professional, knowledgeable and pays a lot of attention to every detail in the case. I'm highly satisfied with my experience and recommend her to others. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Maria Astratenok's picture

Elisa has been my lawyer for several years and has done excellent job! She is diligent, effective and very knowledgeable. I Highly recommended her! (originally posted in G+ on this day)
T. K.'s picture

Eliza Grinberg is the best lawyer. My experience with her was absolutely great. I would recommend her to everyone! (originally posted in G+ on this day)

You not get lost with Segal. He knows everything. Team very professional..Best of the Best (originally posted in G+ on this day).
Саша Грималди's picture

The best lawyer! Highly recommend Melsida Asatrian. I’ve been client of this law office for a couple years already and I’m totally satisfied with results that I’ve got and with professionalism of the stuff (originally posted in G+ on this day).

Best Lawyer for Immigration Cases. He won my case when all the lawyers refused to take my case. He is very attentive to all the small details of your case. He prepared everything so that it gave a winning result. Alexander protects you like no one else. The best lawyer (originally posted in G+ on this day).
Lei Huang's picture

Very helpful (originally posted in G+ on this day).
Irina Sheina's picture

Great attorney, she helped me a lot. Thank You (originally posted in G+ on this day).
Айшат Минакова's picture

If you are looking for a good lawyer, then you certainly need Eliza Grinberg. She is a professional in her field, very responsible, will find an approach to you and your case. In any situation, you can count on her help. Eliza is not only a professional with a capital letter, but also a wonderful and helpful person. Thank you very much for helping with our case. Если вы ищите хорошего адвоката, то вам непременно нужна Элиза Гринберг.Она профессионал своего дела, очень ответственная, найдёт подход к вам и вашему делу. В любой ситуации вы сможете расчитывать на ее помощь. Элиза не только профессионал с большой буквы, но и замечательный и отзывчивый человек. Спасибо вам огромное что помогли с нашим делом (originally posted in G+ on this day).
Anonymous's picture

Alexander Segal is one of the best immigration lawyers in NY area. He is knowledgable, honest, dedicated, and on point. Upon meeting him, don't mistake his demeanor as put offish or aloof. He is one serious lawyer who doesn't want to sugarcoat the situation. His dedicated staff, Wendy Barlow and Ricardo, are available and professional at all times as well. I'd like to thank Mr. Segal for his outstanding work, tenacity, patience, and due diligence when it came to dealing with our J-1 waiver. I had lost hope after being rejected the first time, but my husband and I hired Mr. Segal after contacting him on After three and a half long years, we finally won the case, and it was a complicated case. The waiver was granted to me. This would NEVER be possible without Mr. Segal and his team. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (originally posted in AVVO on this day).