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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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Priscila Mazieri's picture

Mr. Alexander Segal is a great attorney. He helped me with my H4 change of status application. It was a difficult time because of the pandemic but Mr. Segal handled the case with utmost care and professionalism. I highly recommend him. Priscila Oliveira (originally posted in G+ on this day)
ARRG's picture

Excellent! Very professional & Informative. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
James's picture

Mr. Segal was just great. He knew exactly what he was talking about, he was very friendly and most of all, he got results! So thankful that I hired him. It was such a pleasure and I consider him a friend. (originally posted in Avvo on this day)
Ruslan Kovalchuk's picture

It was an absolute pleasure working with Melsida and I can’t thank enough her. She made everything possible for my case. Her knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence that I need and assurance that my asylum case will yield a positive result. After preparation with her, the actual hearing was easy for me, and the way she was defend me on the hearing was outstanding! I separately appreciate her phone call to me before hearing, her words were really mean a lot to me, she helped me to calm down. Thank you again for taking care of me from the start to the end. I appreciate the work you have done for me. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Dilnoza Rakhmanova's picture

Всем здравствуйте! Я реальный клиент ,который ждал своё дело годами,вчера с Александром вышла с победой!!!! Хочу поделится с вами кто читает и ищет профессионального,знающего своё дело Адвоката с большой буквы. Мне его порекомендовали случайно,у меня была безвыходная ситуация,небыли выбора искать Адвоката .так как на это было мало времени ,к моему счастью Александр был свободен в тот день .я его взяла просто .чтоб не потрепать шанс. И я об этом не пожалела не капельки,так как он за 4 дня ознакомился с моим делом .он очень нашёл правильный подход и правильно подготовил меня.да все за висит от нас, но важно очень иметь профессионального Адвоката. Я всем его рекомендую,даже хоть просто на консультацию, лично я буду обращаться к нему .потому что он умничка !!! Мы с ним победили ,благодаря ему!!! Спасибо,Александр.за мой счастливый день в жизни . Hello everybody! I am a real client who has been waiting for my business for years, yesterday I came out with Alexander with a victory !!!! I want to share with you who reads and is looking for a professional, knowledgeable lawyer with a capital letter. He was recommended to me by chance, I had a desperate situation, I had no choice to look for a Lawyer. Since there was little time for this, to my happiness Alexander was free that day. I just took him so as not to spoil the chance. And I didn’t regret it, not a bit, because in 4 days he got acquainted with my case. He very much found the right approach and prepared me correctly. Yes, everything depends on us, but it is very important to have a professional lawyer. I recommend him to everyone, even if just for a consultation, personally I will contact him because he is smart !!! We won with him, thanks to him !!! Thank you Alexander for my lucky day in my life. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Aleh Zhelezovskis's picture

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to share with you the story that happened to me in the United States: in 8 years of my life in America, I received two deportations, I've changed 4 lawyers, spent a lot of money on lawyers and eventually received deportation. By chance, in the next office of a lawyer, I got an offer for a certain amount that they could extend my case for a while so that I could hold out in the country so that later I would be deported anyway. But the lawyer's secretary came up to me and put a note with Alexander Segal's phone number in my hand, saying that no one would help me in New York except this person. I turned to the office of Alexander Segal and now I have a Green Card, I have a family and two kids. There is no limit to gratitude in my heart. These two people Eliza Grinberg and Alexander Segal are the best law professionals for one reason for me - they pulled me out of such a difficult situation that no attorney in the United States could do. In addition, I want to say that it is very pleasant to have a conversation with Alexander because he knows his work, clearly and briefly expresses his thought. Eliza Grinberg is a beautiful and charming woman, also a professional in her job, who bravely fought for me and my family in the court. I am very grateful to the staff of The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal for participating in my life. Sincerely Oleg (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Anonymous's picture

EB1A approval. It wasn’t a long journey for me to get the approval for EB1A petition, it wasn’t luck either to have it done in 6 months. It was God blessing and the hard work of such an expert, professional and a sincere lawyer, Mr. Alex Segal. He had all necessary skills and knowledge to scrutinize the case, analyze the risks and find the best strategy to tackle them. He is meticulous with gathering information and looking at minor details that could shift the course of action. I honestly admired his way of communicating with the client and responding to all inquiries. He is very straightforward when it comes to expectation and he provides expert advices on next steps. I have the highest regards for Mr. Alexander and I will always seek his expertise whenever needed. (originally posted in Avvo on this day)
 Natallia's picture

I not only recommend attorney Alexander Segal, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. He and his team work harmoniously, both with personal consultations and remotely. I am sure that you simply will not find a more competent and reliable lawyer anywhere. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you.Alexander is a wonderful attorney and you will never go anywhere else. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Natallia Artsemenka's picture

The best lawyer ever! Alexander Segal is the best choice! I recommend him as the best immigration lawyer !!! I am a teacher of English and German in my native Belarus. I never thought that I would have to change something drastically ... I want to express my deep gratitude to Alexander Segal for his qualified help and indifference to my situation. His professionalism and clear knowledge of the situation helped me a lot. This person is penetrated through your problem. There is not a single moment that he can miss! Alexander speaks English and Russian, all modern means of online communication are also practiced. In addition, his endurance and charisma also do their job!!!Thanks to Alexander Segal, I will soon be able to finally see my children and parents! Thanks to my wonderful lawyer !!! (originally posted in Avvo on this day)
Evgenia B.'s picture

Impressive. I was a client of Mr. Segal. I was happy with the service and the outcome. Efficient, timely, informative and friendly service his firm provides is impressive. Highly recommend. (originally posted in Avvo on this day)