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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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That prior results do not guarantee similar outcome as every case exists in a specific set of circumstances and, hence, is unique.


Munko Zhigmytov 's picture

I want to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Segal for his professionalism and our won case. His extensive experience and impeccable knowledge in immigration matters is colossal and beyond doubt. I also want to note his human kindness and responsiveness, he really helps and gives hope for a better outcome. Another lawyer from this company participated in our case - Ms. Asatryan, who also proved to be an excellent specialist in her field. I recommend them as the best immigration lawyers in the USA! (Original) Хочу выразить большую благодарность господину Сигалу за его профессионализм и наше выигранное дело. Его большой опыт и безупречные знания в иммиграционных делах колоссален и не подлежит сомнениям. Так же хочу отметить его человеческую доброту и отзывчивость, он по настоящему помогает и даёт надежду на лучший исход. В нашем деле участвовала ещё один адвокат из этой компании - госпожа Асатрян, которая тоже показала себя как отличный специалист в своём деле. Рекомендую их как лучших иммиграционных адвокатов в США! (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Dmitry Lagutkin's picture

In 2018 I got to the USA and found Alexander Segal. My case was extremely difficult, I was in an immigration prison for one and a half months, but Segal managed to free me. After 5 years of intense struggle, I've managed to get political asylum thanks to Alexander Segal and his team. I am extremely thankful to him for helping me with my very difficult case. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Akmal Akhadov's picture

I thank Alexander for the work done and the case won in court. The lawyer is very competent and professional in his field. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Vladimir Mastabai's picture

Thank you for the excellent service and result, much appreciated. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Alex's picture

We thank Alexander for the work done and the case won in court. The lawyer is very competent and professional in his field. Actively defended our interests before the judge and the prosecutor. We recommend this lawyer. (originally posted in Avvo on this day)
Yury N's picture

I was amazed by Alexander's professionalism! The lawyer perfectly prepared me for the hearing, provided an excellent defense in court. My case was very complicated, the trials lasted for several years and the judge extended the hearings because of the large amount of information and documents. At the last hearing, the prosecutor had practically no questions, and the judge was completely satisfied with the submission of documents and facts, and issued a positive verdict. (originally posted in Avvo on this day)
Elshan Mamedov's picture

Alexander is very knowledgeable in immigration matters, he is the best immigration lawyer. He is very professional and trustworthy. Thank you, Alexander. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Kristen Kola's picture

Eliza is a patient and perceptive listener. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and can explain the law in an easy-to-understand manner. I felt very secure with her leading the process. Only because of Eliza Grinbergs extensive knowledge, speedy response and attentive service took away all my fears of dealing with immigration applications. I highly recommend Eliza Grinberg to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Ana Damian's picture

Mr Segal was straight forward to me duri g our consultation, he told me his opiniin about my case and explained me the next steps regarding a waiver of Inadmissibility for a small problem. I will comme back to him to help me with my waiver in the future. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Anastasia's picture

Political asylum case! Excellent work! Alexander Segal, a great immigration lawyer! He finished and brought my case to an end, after the previous lawyer who could not be in court with me! He won my case fantastically today in court !!! He was constantly in touch with me and answered all my questions, told me in detail how the trial was going on and how to prepare for it as much as possible. Solves any questions very quickly! I strongly recommend contacting him, with him you will be sure of victory! I am sure that if you have a difficult situation, as I had, Alexander will help! Thank you with all respect, Anastasia Bezabrazova (originally posted in Avvo on this day)