L2 visa

The L2 visa is for the spouse and children of L1 visa beneficiaries. The spouse or child of an L1A or L1B visa-holder is eligible for an L2 visa. L2 visa rules include that the L2 visa-holder may stay in the USA for the same period as the principal L1 visa holder and the L2 visa spouse may obtain an EAD. L2 visa children may attend school. L2 visa holders may change to any status they are eligible for, including L1 status. We will explain L2 visa rules for applying for L2 visas and L2 visa rules for holding L2 visas.

Overview of Requirements for L1 and L2 Visas

The L1 nonimmigrant visa category is for intracompany transferees. A qualifying organization (for L1 purposes) may petition to transfer an employee from overseas to a parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in the United States. There are two categories for beneficiaries. L1A visas are for persons who will work in a managerial or executive capacity and L1B visas are for those who will work in a capacity that involves “specialized” knowledge. In addition, certain relatives of L1 visa beneficiaries may be eligible for derivative L2 visas. This article will provide an overview of general requirements for L1 and L2 petitions.