J visa

The J visa category is for nonimmigrant exchange visitors. The J1 visa is for principal exchange visitors and the J2 visa is for derivatives. The J1 exchange visitor program is administered by the Department of State. In order to obtain a J1 visa to participate in a J1 exchange visitor program, an alien must be sponsored by a qualifying exchange program. There is a variety of J1 exchange visitor programs, including those for students, physicians, teachers, government visitors, summer workers, au pairs, and more. The rules for qualifying and duration of stay vary depending on the exchange program. Upon finishing an exchange program, many J visa holders are subject to a 2-year home residency requirement. However, there are limited waivers from the requirement.

J Visa Au Pair Program and EduCare Program

Under Department of State (DOS) regulations and guidance, a foreign national between the ages of 18 and 26 from a country with which the United States has diplomatic relations may seek a J visa in order to participate in the Au Pair Program. The Au Pair Program allows the foreign national to reside with an American family for a period of one year while participating in their home life, providing limited childcare services, and enrolling in classes at a U.S. post-secondary institution. The DOS also created a subcategory within the Au Pair Program called the EduCare Program. The EduCare Program has a smaller childcare component and a more prominent educational component. In this article, we will examine the Au Pair Program and the EduCare Program in detail, looking at the applicable regulations and agency guidance.

J Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor Obligations

The J nonimmigrant visa program allows for sponsors to petition for individuals to come to the United States as part of their approved exchange programs. The statutes authorizing the J nonimmigrant visa program are mostly implemented through U.S. Department of State (DOS) regulations. In this article, we will examine 22 C.F.R. 62.10, which sets forth obligations for exchange program sponsors regarding the selection of J exchange visitors, pre-arrival information, orientation information, and the monitoring of exchange visitors.