E1 Visa

E1 Treaty Trader or E2 Treaty Investor Visa Programs

Treaty Countries List of countries participating in the Treaty Trader (E1) or Treaty Investor (E2) visa programs. Treaty Country Visa / Classification Effective DateTreaty Country Visa / Classification Effective Date Treaty Country Visa / Classification Effective Date Albania E2 January 4, 1998 France E1E2 December 21, 1960 Norway E1 E2 January 18, 1928 Argentina E1 October 20, 1994 Georgia E2 August 17, 1997 Oman E1 E2 June 11, 1960 Armenia E2 March 29, 1996 Germany E1 E2 July 14, 1956 Pakistan E1 E2 February 12, 1961 Australia E1 E2 December 16, 1991 December 27.

E1, E2, and E3 Visas - Overview

The United States has signed Treaties of Commerce and Navigation with a host of foreign countries. Please refer to the List of Treaty Countries for more information on which countries have treaties with the United States. Aliens who are from a treaty country and who meet the requirements set forth in statutes and regulations are eligible for E-category visas. The E1 visa is available for treaty traders and the E2 category is available for treaty investors. The E3 category is available to Australian specialty occupation workers and has similar requirements to the H1B category.