USCIS Produces New Security-Enhanced Travel Document

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on October 24, 2019, that it has begun producing new security-enhanced U.S. travel documents [PDF version].

The new security-enhanced travel document “looks similar to a U.S. passport and serves dual purposes.” It may serve in place of the Form I-327, Permit to Reenter the United States; and the Form I-571, Refugee Travel Document.

The security-enhanced travel documents will include the following security features to prevent document tampering, counterfeiting, and fraud (quoting USCIS):

Redesigned booklet cover
Four montages containing three images, each of notable U.S. architecture, used throughout the booklet
A combination of first-, second, and third-level security features (overt, covert, and forensic).

Previously issued valid travel documents will remain valid until their expiration dates. This means that individuals who already have travel documents will not need to have them replaced solely because the USCIS has created a new travel document. Travel documents going forward will have the new security features described in the USCIS news alert.

USCIS Produces New Security-Enhanced Travel Document