USCIS Makes it Easier to Find Data on Website

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On November 16, 2018, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a news release on how it is simplifying users' access to online data [PDF version].

In order to make it easier for customers to find information on the USCIS website, the USCIS has consolidated all of the information pages on its website into a single “Immigration and Citizenship Data page.”

Along with this addition, the USCIS also published a new webpage on understanding USCIS data [PDF version].

The USCIS webpage has information on various forms and immigration benefits and requests granted by the USCIS. Importantly, this information includes information about form updates, processing time information, and amount of requests granted and denied over certain time periods. Under the previous format, the USCIS website had individual pages for information on different forms, benefits, and requests. However, with the new Immigration and Citizenship Data page, users can find data for different forms by using a search box on the page. The page will also include additional information on each data set.

Previously published data documents are stored in the USCIS website's Electronic Reading Room. New documents will be added to the Electronic Reading Room as they are produced.

The Immigration and Citizenship Data page is a welcome addition to the USCIS website. It promises to make access to information about forms, benefits, and requests more accessible to users. This change will benefit not only petitioners, beneficiaries, and requestors, but also immigration practitioners and others who are generally interested in issues relating to the immigration system. We hope to see further steps to modernize the USCIS website and make it more navigable for all users.

USCIS Makes it Easier to Find Data on Website