Updates on Leadership Changes at the CBP

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On April 25, 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Randolph D. “Tex” Alles to be the new Director of the United States Secret Service [PDF version]. Although the Director of the Secret Service does not have an effect on immigration policy, the appointment is noteworthy because Alles was serving as the Acting Deputy Commissioner of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the number two position in the CBP, at the time of the appointment. Alles, a retired Marine Major General, served in various capacities in the CBP beginning in 2012.

With Alles' departure from the CBP, Ronald D. Vitiello is the new Acting Deputy Commissioner [link]. Vitiello joined the U.S. Border Patrol in 1985. Since joining, he has served in a variety of leadership roles in the CBP. Notably, Viteiello became Chief of the United States Border Patrol on February 1, 2017.

The current Acting Commissioner of CBP is Kevin K. McAleenan [link]. On March 30, 2017, President Trump nominated McAleenan to be the Commissioner of CBP [link]. Accordingly, if confirmed, McAleenan will be the Commissioner rather than the Acting Commissioner. McAleenan has extensive experience in the CBP and in its legacy agencies. He served as the Deputy Commissioner of CBP from November 2, 2014, to January 20, 2017, when he became Acting Commissioner.

We will update the site with further information on the McAleenan nomination when the Senate takes action.

Updates on Leadership Changes at the CBP