New Article: Administrative Removal for Aggravated Felonies

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We have added an article about administrative removal for aggravated felonies [see article]. The article is about a removal procedure where a non-lawful permanent resident who has been convicted of an aggravated felony can be removed administratively, that is, without a hearing before an immigration judge. There are limited ways in which an alien who has been charged may avoid administrative removal. For example, the alien may argue that his or her conviction was not an “aggravated felony” under immigration law, or the alien may endeavor to establish eligibility for withholding of removal. Our detailed article will explain where administrative removal applies [see section], the administrative removal procedure [see section], the ways in which an alien may attempt to avoid administrative removal [see section], and how an experienced immigration attorney can help an alien facing administrative removal for an aggravated felony conviction [see section].

To learn about and similar immigration issues having to do with removal, please visit our Removal & Deportation Defense section [see section].

New Article:  Administrative Removal for Aggravated Felonies