For LGBT Russians, a New Hope Emerges in Canada

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With recent changes in Russian legislation, LGBT Russians are desperately seeking freedom from persecution. These refugees now have a favorable chance at being granted asylum in Canada.

According to Canada's immigration minister, Chris Alexander, homosexuals who intend to flee persecution in Russia will have their asylum claims viewed favorably-such as those persecuted because of religious or ethnic reasons in Canada. This is certainly a step towards progress in what seems to be lack of action from international convention.

Recently, Vladimir Putin has approved a few laws incriminating homosexual propaganda. These laws apply to citizens, visitors and tourists as well. In fact, tourists and visitors accused of promoting. Many gay activists in Russia are subject to beatings and humiliation at the hands of other citizens. Furthermore, the Russian authorities do nothing to protect those victimized. Not surprisingly, there will be an increase of homosexual Russian refugees seeking asylum in other nations. Canada will now be a viable option to these refugees. According to officials, about half of Russians that seek asylum in Canada every year are granted. This decision by Canada may influence other nations to emulate a similar policy.

For LGBT Russians, a New Hope Emerges in Canada