EOIR Releases FY 2019 Case Completion Statistics

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The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) released its case completion statistics for fiscal year 2019 on October 10, 2019 [PDF version]. From October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2019, the EOIR completed more than 275,000 cases. This is the second highest number of completed cases in EOIR's history, and roughly 80,000 more completed cases than fiscal year 2018.

In addition to having implemented to case completion guidelines, the EOIR employed 442 immigration judges as of September 30, 2019, the highest number in its history. The EOIR hired 92 new immigration judges in fiscal year 2019. Immigration judges completed an average of 708 cases each during the fiscal year.

Despite the high number of case completions, the EOIR's case backlog grew in fiscal year 2019. Its pending caseload was about 987,000 as of September 30, 2019. 444,000 new cases were filed with the EOIR during the fiscal year, the highest number for any fiscal year in its history. From fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2016, 225,294 new cases were filed with EOIR on average.

EOIR Releases FY 2019 Case Completion Statistics