EOIR Announces Investiture of 12 New Immigration Judges

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On February 6, 2017, the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) announced the investiture of 12 new immigration judges [link]. Chief Immigration Judge MaryBeth Keller presided over the investiture ceremony on February 3, 2017. The new immigration judges were appointed by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Chief Immigration Judge Keller noted that with the investiture of the 12 new immigration judges, the “EOIR has for the first time in its history exceeded 300.”

The twelve new immigration judges will sit on eight immigration courts. The San Francisco Immigration Court will see four new immigration judges while the Houston immigration court will see two new immigration judges. The following is a list of the new immigration judges along with the immigration courts on which they will serve:

Victoria L. Argumedo (San Francisco Immigration Court);
Steven D. Caley (Aurora Immigration Court);
Ila C. Deiss (San Francisco Immigration Court);
Delia I. Gonzalez (Harlingen Immigration Court);
Deborah K. Goodwin (Miami Immigration Court);
Stephanie E. Gorman (Houston Immigration Court);
Richard A. Jamadar (Houston Immigration Court);
Julie Nelson (San Francisco Immigration Court);
Emmett D. Soper (Arlington Immigration Court);
Jem C. Sponzo (New York City Immigration Court);
Arwen Ann Swink (San Francisco Court); and
Veronica S. Villegas (Los Angeles Immigration Court).

EOIR Announces Investiture of 12 New Immigration Judges