Announcing a Series of Blog Posts: My 2016 Presidential Candidate Profiles

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There are few issues more important to immigration law — and our republic as a whole — than who occupies the White House. Thus, as we fast approach the first votes of this 2016 Presidential election, I have decided to write a series of candidate profiles about each of the important 2016 Presidential hopefuls.

Although I will cover the candidates from both parties, it will be very clear that I am a conservative Republican. Now, if you only listen to the media or Donald Trump's (preview: I am not at all fan) latest campaign statements, you may find it odd that an experienced immigration attorney who has dedicated his life to helping immigrants in need would be a conservative Republican. However, in addition to sharing my opinions on each of the candidates, my candidate profiles will show that there is no necessary tension between being a good conservative and a supporter of legal immigration and due process for immigrants.

I will provide brief biographical information for each candidate that I cover. Next, I will analyze three issues with regard to each candidate:

1. Immigration — I will use each candidate's record, public issue statements, and policy platform to discuss what his or her election would mean for immigration law and policy.
2. Israel — Steadfast support of Israel is a non-negotiable position for me. I will analyze what the candidate's election would mean for Israel.
3. Issue of Interest — I will pick a notable issue of interest with regard to the specific candidate to discuss.

At the end of each candidate profile, I will give the candidate the proverbial thumbs up or thumbs down. I invite everyone to follow my blog to read the candidate profiles. I hope that you will find them informative, thought provoking, and cause to vote for my Governor, Chris Christie (if you can vote in your state's Republican primary).

Here is a list of the candidates I am covering (follow links for completed profiles):

Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
​Lindsey Graham
Mike Huckabee
John Kasich
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
Martin O'Malley

Announcing a Series of Blog Posts:  My 2016 Presidential Candidate Profiles