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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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That prior results do not guarantee similar outcome as every case exists in a specific set of circumstances and, hence, is unique.


Yury Chepikau's picture

We recently received political asylum in the USA, thanks to the exceptional services of immigration lawyer Alexander Joseph Segal. Alexander exhibited remarkable professionalism and expertise, skillfully guiding us through each step of the process with patience and clarity. His strategic approach and profound knowledge of immigration law were crucial to our successful outcome. Alexander personally represented us during the final immigration hearing, ensuring everything proceeded smoothly and effectively. We are incredibly grateful for Alexander’s assistance and highly recommend his services to anyone in need of immigration support. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Andrew Arnaut's picture

Alex just won my asylum case! I must say I am so happy I found this team! I have no words but would like everyone to know this: If you want your case approved - this is the team you're looking for! A true professional with deep knowledge of immigration laws. Alex is a true lion and this is how cases get approved. Me and my family will always be in debt to Alex. Thank you so much! (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Uladzimir Aliakseyeu's picture

We would like to express our gratitude to Alexander Segal from our entire family! We are immensely happy! Finally we waited and won our trial! Thanks to Alexander’s professionalism and vast experience, we felt confident and supported at every stage. Our only regret is that we didn’t turn to Alexander initially, but came to him after a bad experience working with another lawyer! Thank you for agreeing to work with us and winning our case! (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Anna Alekseeva's picture

Alexander Segal is an excellent lawyer with extensive experience, we understood this from our first meeting! Each of our meetings was as productive as possible and step by step he led us to success! Thanks to Alexander, we knew every stage of the hearing of our case in court and felt confident! Thanks to him, we won our case in court! We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Alexander Segal and his team! We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer! (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Umberto Tosi's picture

Was with me through a complex process that resulted in successful GC application. Couldn’t be happier for the result and empathy he showed through the difficult process. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Александр Букаев's picture

Excellent immigration lawyer! Recommended (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Dmitry Lebedz's picture

Thanks Alexander Segal and his professional team for providing an excellent result from start to finish. I’m very satisfied and highly recommend this office for your legal needs. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Ivaschuk94's picture

Had a pleasure to work with Alexander on my case for over last two years. Alexander did an amazing job to prepare us for a court, and guide us through entire process. We had lots of conversations, calls and meeting and along the way Alexander kept it at high and professional manner. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs a great lawyer. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
юлиана нестеренок's picture

I advise everyone who needs an immigration lawyer to contact this office. I managed to work with two lawyers Melsida and Eliza. I didn't believe myself that everything would work out right away. We made a lot of mistakes before we turned to a lawyer. All the issues that a lawyer can solve have always been resolved quickly. Always in touch and will answer all questions. We prepared for the trial very thoroughly and responsibly. I was only set up to win. At the trial, Eliza showed her professionalism. And so we got the decision - approved. To be honest, I didn't think everything would turn out so quickly. Someone will say they're just lucky. Yes, I was lucky. And above all, I was lucky with a lawyer. If there are immigration issues, Melsida and Eliza can be trusted. They have knowledge and experience. Thank you for your quality work. (originally posted in G+ on this day)
Levan lee's picture

Thank you very much to my lawyer, Melsida Asatriani, she is a true professional in her field. Today I am happy for her, we won the court. (originally posted in G+ on this day)