All IV Applicants at U.S. Embassy in Kiev to be Tested for Measles Antibodies

Effective August 1, 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine began blood testing all immigrant visa applicants during their medical examinations for the presence of measles antibodies. This test is required even if the applicant has been previously vaccinated for measles. If the result of the blood test is negative, the applicant will be required to obtain medical clearance in order to travel [PDF version].

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev noted that this may present special difficulties for adopted children from Ukraine “due to the way the Ukrainian medical system works.” The Embassy advises U.S. adoptive parents to ensure that the adopted child has either previously received the full series of measles vaccinations or receives a booster vaccination prior to the final medical examination. In cases where the child's medical record indicates that he or she received all of the required measles vaccinations, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev advises parents to provide for a blood test in advance of the final medical examination to determine whether the child has active antibodies. If a booster vaccination is required, the Embassy notes that it may take two weeks for the antibodies from the booster vaccination to register on the blood test. The Embassy added that while children ages 0-10 are eligible for a vaccination waiver prior to departure (they must receive all missing vaccinations within 30 days of arrival in the United States), children ages 11 and older are required to meet all of the vaccination requirements, including additional measles vaccinations, prior to traveling to the United States.