EOIR Announces that Immigration Judges Will Begin to Serve Details to Six Locations Starting March 20, 2017

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On March 17, 2017, the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) announced that immigration judges will begin to serve details to six locations on March 20, 2017 [PDF version]. The EOIR made this decision as part of implementation of President Donald Trump's January 20, 2017 Executive Orders on border security and interior enforcement [see article]. It notes that all pleadings and other correspondence for cases assigned to any of the six new locations should still be filed with the listed Administrative Control Court. The following is a list of the six new locations referenced in the EOIR's news release:

Administrative Control Court


South Texas Family Residential Center
300 El Rancho Way
Dilley, Texas
Administrative Control Court — Pearsall Immigration Court


LaSalle Detention Facility
830 Pinehill Road
Jena, La.
Administrative Control Court — Oakdale Immigration Court


Karnes County Residential Center
409 FM 1144
Karnes City, Texas
Administrative Control Court — San Antonio Immigration Court


Laredo Processing Center
4702 E. Saunders
Laredo, Texas
Administrative Control Court — San Antonio Immigration Court


Otero County Processing Center
26 McGregor Range Road
Chaparral, N.M.
Administrative Control Court — El Paso Service Processing Center Immigration Court


Polk County Detention Center
3400 FM 350
Livingston, Texas
Administrative Control Court — Houston Service Processing Center Immigration Court