Ethiopian Government Suspends Intercountry Adoptions as of April 21, 2017

On April 21, 2017, the Ethiopian Prime Minister's Office suspended intercountry adoptions. On May 2, 2017, the United States Department of State explained that it remained unclear as to the particulars of the suspension, including how long the intercountry adoption suspension would last [link]. The DOS explained that it was working with the relevant Ethiopian agencies to ascertain information about the suspension. Furthermore, the DOS is working to encourage the Ethiopian Government to allow continued processing of adoption cases that were in progress before April 21, 2017.

Intercountry Adoption

The DOS announced that on May 8, 2017, it will host a conference call for the U.S. adoption stakeholder community on the situation in Ethiopia [link].

We will update the site with more information about the intercountry adoption situation for Ethiopia as it becomes known.