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We created this Immigration Testimonial section to serve three very important functions. First, it allows current and former clients an opportunity to share their experiences with our immigration law firm including immigration attorney Eliza Grinberg, immigration attorney Alexander J. Segal, and immigration attorney Melsida Asatrian. Second, it allows potential immigrants an opportunity to hear directly from our clients about their experiences with our immigration law firm, their successes, and their opinions on our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff. Third, it allows our immigration law firm, both immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers support staff, to candidly learn more about our current and former clients' experiences with our immigration law firm.

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Anton Sheptukha's picture

If I'm asked to recommend a good immigration attorney, then, of course, will only recommend Alexandr Segal nd his office. Calm, gentle, honest, tactful, confident, immediately instills confidence in the positive resolution of the case. Thank you for that always kept me informed of all developments in my case, Thank you for the positive in my case! I find Segal's office out of 10 others in New York and other states. My case was fail in individual hearing in immigration court. My previous attorney did not believe in the successful end. So i start to search for some one who could give me thread of hope. All I met shrugged but Segal was the one whom i could trust. Alexandr did incredible work. we won appeal after negative court decision. and then came back to court and get case granted. Want to say thank you! You made my life.
Shannon Fitzpatrick's picture

First off, I would like to thank Wendy Barlow for the success with my waiver. I am a Canadian who recieved an expedited removal for a visa overstay. I hired a lawyer in Chicago who filed the wrong paperwork and then I hired an ex CBP officer who now runs a waiver consulting firm and he didn't do it right either. This process took 3.5 years (and cost me 15k) but when I retained Wendy as my lawyer, I recieved my waiver in a month and a half from date of submission and she didn't gouge me as persons I retained in the past did. I must also say that she is very plesant to deal with. Very kind, honest and listens to her clients.
Ade Morounranbi's picture

Good Morning, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ms. Wendy Barlow and the Law office of Grinberg & Segal. Ms. Wendy Barlow my attorney is so down to earth, straight forward in assisting and helping me go through each procedure and steps I had to go through in obtaining my permanent resident visa. From criminal records to the Nigerian consulate, she was persistently on it, right up to my interview she was there in my corner. I can't stop thanking her enough for her tremendous help. May God richly bless you Ms Wendy Barlow Esq. and may you continue to excel in what you do and take you to greater heights.Thank you again,the Law Office Of Grinberg and Segal.
Richard Will's picture

After 8 years of uncertainty, stress and visits to several lawyers offices, my wife and I finally walked into the office of Grinberg & Segal. A year later we have been granted green cards as a result of the hard work put in by the team of Alex, Eliza, Wendy, Ricardo and Mellissa with special mention of a kick_ass response to USCIS denial written by Wendy. We are forever grateful for the dedication to our cause that was shown by our legal eagles and highly recommend them to any and all in danger of being deported and in need of representation. Rich and Carol
Aleksandr Zheleznyy's picture

Submitted by Aleksandr and Lyudmyla Z. 7 yeas ago I’ve received a letter from the Asylum Office in which I was ordered to appear before an immigration judge of the USA to show why I should not be removed from this country. I immediately started to look for an attorney in New York City who could adequately represent my interests in immigration court. I visited many law firms but for one or another reason I didn’t want to accept their services. In October of 2007 I read in one of NYC newspapers an ad about Eliza Grinberg & Alexander Segal law office and got on the phone with them. A few days later I met with Alexander Segal and had a conversation with him. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our conversation has left me in no doubt that he was the lawyer I was looking for. On the same day I signed a contract with this firm. As soon as the work on my case began I realized how complicated my case was and how much work the office was supposed to do in order to win this case. Dozens of requests to different government agencies and structures were made and as a result hundreds of pages of valuable evidential paperwork were obtained. Sometimes it seemed to me that the long-awaited victory would never come which made me feel disheartened. But then came the day of July 10 and the immigration judge said his long-awaited decision about granting me and my wife political asylum in the United States of America – and I still could not realize that this was not a dream! We want to warmly thank with all our hearts: Alexander Segal & Eliza Grinberg, who did the lion’s share of the work, Wendy, Konstantin and Melissa for their preparation work with me before the individual hearings. Besides that Melissa issued all necessary paperwork for obtaining Employment Authorization and some other documents for us. I want also to thank Ricardo, Oleg and Khasan for their kindness and readiness to help with appointments or any other issue when I called the office. We wish you all every success in your hard work for the benefit of the people waiting for your help!
Violetta Azizyan's picture

Alexander Segal and his team are one of the best hard working and dedicated group of individuals. They are completely honest and do not sugar coat anything, they will tell you everything how it is. My family was in the process of deportation and had extremely slim chances of remaining legally in the United States. Due to Alexander Segal honestly and simplicity he broke everything down to us and it explained to us that we have 10% chance of legalizing our family. Without any doubt and hesitation we proceed and believed Alexander would succeed. It is worth it, after so many years of living in the United States there is no life that is better than the one you are living here in the U.S. Alexander Segal is one in a million of honest lawyers.
Elena Popova's picture

Many Thanks to Alexander and his team, specifically Melissa for personally preparing me for interview day , Ricardo for submitting all the paper work, Khasan for giving great advice on what kind of testimonials I need and how to calm down on the interview day. And of course Wendy for coming to the interview with me and make the conclusion statement for my case at the end of my interview. Thank you for all the attention and support. My case wasn't the easiest because I applied for asylum after 5 years being in the US, which should have been done within 1 year. And with the help of Alexander after submitting necessary documents within 2 months I received invitation to the interview,and after another 2 month my asylum status had been granted. I appreciate all the work Alexander had done regarding my case. Wonderful team work, very professional and attentive. And I want to thank Wendy again for being there for me at the day of my interview. This woman sure knows her job and more so she knows "who is who" among the officers.
Yuliya Crevier's picture

I came to Alex Segal with a very difficult case (seeking a waiver of J-1 home residency requirement) that most other attorneys refused to even look at. Alex and his office approached it extremely seriously and with a lot of passion. Their expertise and persistence on my case were second to none! Our chances of getting the waiver were slim, but Alex and Melissa did everything possible and spared no effort to give it our best shot. The result was exactly what we dreamed about - the waiver was granted. I know this would not be possible with any other attorney/law firm. I'm deeply grateful and highly recommend Alex Segal and his team! Regards, Yuliya
A.A's picture

I have recently received my green card. I had two complications in my case which made me look for an attorney. After looking for a right person for a while, after multiple email exchanges and phone calls, I finally asked Mr. Segal to be my attorney. I am glad I made that decision because I was really stressed and worried when I was looking for an attorney but as soon as I shared my case with Mr. Segal, he calmed me down and told me right away that he could handle the situation. I totally recommend Mr. Segal if you are really worried about your case and you need positive and truthful advice. He also came to my interview and handled that perfectly. He is knowledgeable and very optimistic. Also the other member of this law firm are helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. Call him if you are really worried.
Maia Tsomaia's picture

My husband Tarek tried to fix our emigration problem for years.We had bad luck with attorneys .When we had interview in asylum office our lawyer did not even show up.That's where I saw Mr.Segal.He was sitting with his client,talking to her.Also I did not know if he was a good lawyer or not,I asked for his card and called next day.Thank Good I did. Mr.Segal and his team did very efficient job.process was fast,everything was done on time. Everybody in the office is very polite and professional. Thanks to Alexander and his team we successfully won the case. My husband and I regard Mr.Segal as an honest,highly knowledgeable and dedicated attorney ,we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs emigration lower. Our sincere thanks to Alexander J Segal and to stuff members of low office.